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In-Home Positive Dog Training 

"My concern was finding a trainer that was up to the challenge of "teaching an old dog new tricks", or in my case, two old dogs, and you showed no hesitation.  You listened to my challenges and created a customized training plan for Zoe and Carly.  Walking them was a major job and they didn't listen to any command.  With your training, walking is a joy and they now listen.  The most important part is I was able to reconnect with my dogs through training and develop a stronger bond between us.  Thank you! 

                                                                - Amanda H., Twinsburg, OH

"Building Lasting Relationships Through Learning And Commitment

     Dog training shouldn't be about "barking" out commands, blowing whistles and turning your dog into a furry automaton.  Training your dog should be a positive experience for both of you.  That's why we use only positive reinforcement training methods in your home where your dog feels most comfortable.  Positive reinforcement builds trust between you and your dog instead of fear.   B.f.f. provides you with training tips and techniques in your home to fit your busy life style.  We look forward to helping you shape the dog you've always had into the dog you've always wanted.  


Specializing In:

  • In-home obedience training and behavior consultation
  • Puppy training and socialization
  • Fear and separation anxiety
  • Resource guarding and food aggression
  • Basic household manners such as jumping up, charging at the door, play biting and much more
  • Preparing your dog for a new baby
  • Training children to train, understand and respect dog language and behavior

And much more!

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